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7. The constitution or the basic guidelines of a society

It is urgently advised that each country will have a constitution. I would not go as far as Isaac Asimov in his book-series about a futuristic Galactic Empire, in which the American Declaration of Independence becomes "Holy Script". But it should be the most important singular pact between the civilians of society and its governing system. Each constitution would reflect the "Norms and Values" of the society which created it. But some basic points should be taken in account if we want to create a modern effective and working democratic society:

1. A constitution has to be short, with clearly understood points and should not be full of legal terms
2. A constitution is NOT the law. It’s the underlying principles on which the law has to be based.
3. It cannot be changed by normal lawmaking procedures
4. The general public, the plain civilian, should be involved at one point or another in the process of creating and or changing the constitution
5. The constitution defines the "Norms and Values" by which the society, country, wishes to live
6. The constitution defines the configuration of the government

Here are some of the views I have on what would be a good and effective constitution for a modern functional democratic society

1. It should define clearly the rights of the citizens, but also the duties of those citizens towards society:
2. In modern society the civil rights and freedoms of the regular civilian have gone beyond the acceptable. Society has the right, even the duty, to restrict these freedoms in order to allow society (not government) to function smoothly
3. It should clearly define the rights and duties of the authorities:
4. The government is responsible for the smooth running of society. Its laws, rules and actions can only be accepted by society if it is proven that the good of society prevails to such an extend that the restrictions to the single citizen are acceptable
5. It should clearly define the norms and values of society
6. It should clearly define the relationship between state and religion/s:
7. It is clear to me that the today's mantra of democracy: "That State and Religion are separated" is a farce. Some 70 countries in the world are Christian, their holy day's, holiday's and religious festivities based on the religion of the majority of the citizens. Some 30 countries are based on Islamic norms and values. Other countries have their beliefs as basis for their norms and values. This should be accepted and incorporated into the constitution in such a way that it does not discriminate minorities
8. It should clearly define the relationship between state and minorities:
9. Minorities should be allowed to live their personal and communal lives according to their religion and norms and values. On a national and governing level a balance should be found which would be acceptable to both minority and majority.

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