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6. What is this: the "Committee of Six"?

First of all, in countries where regional or provincial authorities exist it should be the "Committee of Seven". For clarity I will use only the term "Committee of Six"

This committee is the umbrella of the six branch democratic system, its members are:

1. The head of the sovereign branch of democracy, the president or monarch, he (or she) will be the presiding member of the committee.
2. The heads of the other branches of democratic authority will have a permanent seat in this committee, with voting rights.
3. Other persons can be invited to take a seat in this committee when the president or monarch decides it is needed for the subject under discussion.
4. All citizens who have the second vote have right to be invited in this committee, without voting rights.

The tasks of this committee are as follows:

1. To provide a way of resolving disputes between the six branches of government.
2. To receive the verdicts of the various committees from the sovereign branch of government and relate these verdicts to the concerned branches of government, recommending how to execute these verdicts.
3. Discussing internal and external problems, how to solve them and relating the resulting decisions to the concerned branches of government.
4. This committee is an integral part of the sovereign branch of government.
5. The sovereign branch is responsible for the agenda of the committee
6. This committee has no executive, juridical, legislative or controlling power.
7. Last but not least, it can order other branches of government to follow its guidance.

As you see, through this committee the plain regular citizen can control government on a daily basis. His or her input goes up through the special committees in the sovereign branch of government, onward to the "Committee of Six" and down as decisions to the other branches of government

So after a lifetime study I came to the conclusion that we in the western modern democratic society, i.e. The Judean Christian culture, can only survive if we change the basics of democracy, in order to adapt them to the culture we have today.

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