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2. The democratic society we live in has two fathers:

From the French revolution came the ideology:
"Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité" But these ideals, without a basic framework of how to manage a society, did not function well. Inside a few years a dictator, Napoleon, ruled France and very quickly most of Europe.

From the American War of Independence came the framework: "three branches of government with general elections ever four years". But was this democracy as we see it today in the 21st century? Oh no, only 30-40% of the population had voting rights, no slave, women or Indian could dream of voting in those day's.

Indeed many of the rights we today accept as our basic democratic rights did not exist in those day's. In truth, the Founding Fathers of the American state created a sort of "a four year aristocratic monarchy", in which the elite of society took on the same role as the old aristocracy in Europe. The President became a four/eight year monarch

Today our world is totally different from the world in those days. The greatest of these changes in society we can easily call revolutions, of which the most important were these:

1. From a village agricultural society to a city industrial society, Just look at today's
    mega cities with up to 50 million inhabitants and then go and visit some picturesque
    historical village in your neighborhood

2. From an analphabetic society into a society where everybody reads and writes;
    Newspapers, as part of social management, are an invention of democratic
    revolution at the end of the 18th century.

3. From “mouth to ear” spreading of information to Internet "News" took 4-5 day's
    to travel from Paris to London.

4. From lonely villages to “a global village” Just look at our highways and airports.
5. From a lifetime of 40 years to one of 80 years At my age of over 60, I can only be
    happy with this development.

6. From local industry to global production Take your car apart, it has components
    from many countries.

7. From a static society to a dynamic society Remember how Columbus, Marco Polo
    travelled?? Look at our travel agencies today.

8. The growth of a big middle class in society with economic safety. This happened
    quickly in America, as most immigrants, fleeing from aristocratic European
    servitude, found their middle class place in the growing economy of the young
    American nation. In Europe the grow of the small middle age middle class took
    longer and was much more difficult.

9. A total different understanding of the basic democratic ideas. read this website
    carefully, take a few days to think about it, and you will agree with me about this
    one. (Women’s vote, slavery, etc)

10. The creation of "Virtual Money" as a stand alone product. Since its invention
    in prehistoric times, money was a value regulator between different products.
    It never was a standalone product, but a scaling evaluator like meters, yards, kilos,
    volts and many others. Since the USA disconnected the US Dollar from gold
    money has become a stand alone product creating itself and so disturbing the
    balance between the "Real World" and "Virtual Money"

If we take into account the current world situation ( 2014), with a conflict between our society and an Islamic (minority) spiraling out of control and internal pressures in our society there is the highest need to repair our western democracy, in order to leave our children our free way of life. I do not believe that even the stoppage of the American intervention in Iraq will stop the conflict between extreme Islam and free western society, without a new world war. (But that is not our concern here).

Since then a great chasm has risen between the population and the ruling class of politicians and its major supporter, "Big Money". As this chasms exists in all modern western democracies, without any connection to the type of democracy, so the reasons could not be in the typical situation in any of those countries but has to be sought in the foundations of our democratic system.

This is not something new, in other societies the same has happened time and time again. In history we see when such a chasm develops between the ruling class and the people an era of civil disorder, civil war, a general slide of society into poverty, until a new ruling class is established, usually by another aristocratic dynasty taking control. Then things calm down again, until the next period of unrest. This same pattern we see in all our history, worldwide.

So why today, when regularly the ruling class changes from one political group to another, does this not have the same questioning effect? The only reason is that in the last two hundred plus years our society has changed dramatically, even revolutionary. When for three thousand years the pharaonic fellahin kept the same ideology on life and society he did not need a change in the structure of his society, it was enough for him to accept the change of the ruling class in order to believe that his way of life would be guaranteed for the next eon.

But we, the free members of the modern democratic age, do not believe so anymore. We feel in our bones that aristocracy, in a different form, is coming back. And we don't like it, but we have lost the grip on our authorities. The authorities feel our discomfort and try to make us happy by changing a rule here or there. But giving us, the people, our power back??? Oh no....That is out of the question.

So this plan "Three to Six" Democracy is a blueprint for the changes needed to keep our democratic way of life viable.

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