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1. Yes, why change at all?

Most of us in 2012 (certainly all of you who read these words via Internet) live nice comfortable lives. But this is a false picture. Under the seemingly high standards of living we enjoy, today many anti-democratic forces are on the move, the most deadly to democracy (in my view) are:

1. Unbridled capitalism. Since prehistoric times in human affairs economic power was
    and is political power. Unbridled capitalism creates an capitalistic aristocracy,
    with an ever greater slice of the economy (capital) falling in criminal hands.

2. The existence of "Virtual Money" Since the loss of the "Golden Dollar" a virtual
     money aristocracy is enslaving those who have no finger in this virtual pie.

3. Administration is expanding without control, enslaving civilization more and more.
4. The discrepancy between old inadequate democratic principles and a drastic
    changed world
makes for unmanageable government.
5. Some non-western societies, and way’s of life try to infiltrate our way of living.
6. Our utopian view of life believing that a peaceful solution is always possible,
7. An unbalance between personal rights and social responsibility, creates indifference 
    for each other in society
8. Internet social network systems are destroying the social fabric of society,
and many others are also undermining our democratic way of life.

Between citizens and authorities an ever widening rift is growing. More and more citizens feel their governments are not doing their jobs. More and more persons believe that "Big Money" is controlling their authorities. Some people already call our system "Kleptocracy" in stead of "Democracy". This feeling of enslavement is very much like the disenchantment the French had before the French Revolution and the American's before their War of Independence. Not much is needed before enough of the population will feel as desolate as to stand up in revolt to the existing powers of authority.

If we take into account the current world situation (2011), with a conflict between our society and an Islamic (minority) spiraling out of control and internal pressures in our society there is the highest need to repair our western democracy, in order to leave our children our free way of life.

If we cannot stand up to the intern and extern crisis before us, we can easily slide back into medieval ages, with all its misery. Isaac Asimov, in his classic book "Foundation" described this type of situation as a "Sheldon Crisis", implying that societies who don't find solutions to both intern and extern crisis are doomed..

So after a lifetime study I came to the conclusion that we in the western modern democratic society, i.e. The Judean Christian culture, can only survive if we change the basics of democracy in order to adapt them to the culture we have today.

The current system, created some 230 years ago cannot work in our post industrial society. To much has changed since those day's of The French Revolution and the American War of Independence when the basics of today's democracy where developed.

Many types of democracy have since then developed, all of them having approximately the same basic ideology, none of them taking into account the totally changed society we live in. As a result in all these societies calls for change are growing, with politicians trying to change a rule here or a rule there. But the illness of modern democracy is too deep for only local change to cure it.

In this program:
"Three to Six" I have created a totally new type of democracy that I believe will function much better in our modern world than the democracy now used.

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